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Jules-Antoine Gilles Duvaux, been born on January 12th, 1818 in Bordeaux and died on July 6th, 1884 in Paris.Pupil of Charlet, Jules Antoine Devaux specializes in the paint(painting) of battles, and the military suit(costume). He is also a highly skilled engraver.
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Jean-Gabriel DOMERGUE, been born on March 4th, 1889 in Bordeaux and died November 16th, 1962 in Paris is a French painter.
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Painter of typical subjects, faces, watercolorist, he was the pupil of Bonnat and exposed to the Show of the French Artists.
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Born on November 28th, 1797 in Rouen and died in 1874. It is a painter of kind, landscapes, inside, lithographer. Raise of Regnault, he appeared in the Lounge in 1835 and 1836, with landscapes.
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