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Correspondence of the Chancellery of the Marshal of the Court of Belgrade. (letter of two pages) for the first use of the Cinematograph in front of His Majesty the King of Serbia Alexandre Ier ( 1876-1903 ).The first use of the Cinematograph in July, 1896 in SerbiaOrigin:  Collection of Dr Paul Genard
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Representative of Saône-et-Loire in the National Assembly of 1871, born in Morlaix, August 23rd, 1811, former secretary of Lamartine, was a man of letters and lived in Mâcon during its election in the National Assembly, on February 8th, 1871. He sat among the republicans. Moderate
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Letter of reward by the Company Viennese of Photography which awarded to the Lumière brothers, the Golden medal for their prowills in the natural color photo.Origin: Collection of Dr Paul Genard
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Louis Lumière, been born on October 5th, 1864 to Besançon and died on June 6th, 1948 to Bandol in the Var.Letter of the Big Chancellery of the Legion of Honor of October 8th, 1935 to Mr Louis LUMIERE for the distinction of Grand Officer of the National Order of the Legion of Honor.Origin: Collection of Dr Paul Genard
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Thank-you letter of the Section Photoschedules Imperial Technique of Russia with the signature of In. Smirnoff Origin: Collection of Dr Paul Genard
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Thank-you letter of its Royal Highness Lord Prince Albert of BELGIUM Origin: the Old Collection of Dr Paul Genard
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Exceptional    UniqueCharles Émile Picard, been born on July 24th, 1856 in Paris and died on December 11th, 1941 in Paris, is a French mathematician, a specialist of the mathematical analysis. He left his name with an iterative method of resolution of the complete equations.
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