LUMIERE Antoine (1840-1911) The CINEMATOGRAPH

On July, 1896

" Sir,

During the passage of your agents, M M Carré and Girin by Belgrade, these sirs had the kindness to give of His Majesty the King, the room in which your Cinematograph was displayed to the public. It is only following an error of employees of Chancellery that I ask you to be willing to excuse, that SQUARE MM and Girin has before their affected departure no sum which had been them décérnée as remuneration.

Ignoring or are at the moment your agents, I have the honor to pass on to(to transmit) you directly a 300-franc check by asking you to be willing to acknowledge receipt to me of it.

Please accept, Sir, the insurance of my distinguished consideration.

For the absent Marshal, the secretary of S.M King "


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Correspondence of the Chancellery of the Marshal of the Court of Belgrade. (letter of two pages) for the first use of the Cinematograph in front of His Majesty the King of Serbia Alexandre Ier ( 1876-1903 ).

The first use of the Cinematograph in July, 1896 in Serbia

Origin:  Collection of Dr Paul Genard

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